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پزشکی - AHair transplant in Iran s

پزشکی - AHair transplant in Iran


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AHair transplant in Iran

تاریخ انتشار پست : 1398/10/16 بازدید : 4

Hair transplant in Iran

When compared with other countries I can say that Iran would be one of the best destinations in terms of hair transplant surgery.

You Can Have your Hair Back at Affordable Prices

Hair transplant operations are rather affordable in comparison to other countries. In Europe and in USA, you need a budget of $7000 – $25000 (depending on several factors), and yet in Iran, you need a budget around 1000$ for your hair transplant operation.

No Need to Wait for an Appointment

In many other countries, because of the lack of hair transplant surgery teams, you need to wait for long periods to make an appointment for your hair transplant, and schedule your hair transplant for a later date. In Iran, you can make an appointment for your hair transplant for an approaching date, and have your hair back very soon. Hair Transplant


You Can Enjoy Being in a Fun City as a Tourist

  • Tehran has many historical, cultural, and social attractions.
  • You can enjoy new tastes from one of the richest cuisines in the world.
  • We believe you will want to visit Iran again


Many people each year travel to Iran for hair transplantation. Based on the reports, Iran is changing to one of the leading countries for this popular surgery. But what makes it so popular to have a hair transplant in Iran?

Actually, the main reasons to choose hair transplant in Iran are two factors: low-cost hair transplant and high-quality operations and surgeons. Breast Prosthesis

Which Iran City to choose for hair transplant in Iran?

As mentioned before, most big cities in Iran have this cosmetic surgery, such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, and Mashhad. But Tehran has always considered the poles of surgeries in Iran, with its professional doctors. Many patients from countries around Iran, Arabian countries and all over the world visit this city each year to do their hair transplant in Iran.

Many of these visitors decide to have touristic fun after their surgery. So after resting, they choose an Iran tour and visit any places they like in Iran. If you are one of them, just take a look at our Service(more…).

Now that you know all you need about hair transplant in Iran, you can ask us to connect you with the best surgeons in Iran. If you have any requests, questions or suggestions, please feel free quote to contact us.

Travel to Iran with peace of mind and have your hair transplant here.


Rhinoplasty in Iran

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