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پزشکی - Best methods for butt lift s

پزشکی - Best methods for butt lift


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Best methods for butt lift

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Best methods for butt lift


Weeks two to eight 

Direct pressure must be kept off the buttocks for at least eight weeks, so sitting without a pillow is not allowed for that period.

You must wear a body garment for six to eight weeks.

The final results of your buttock augmentation may be initially obscured by swelling. When the swelling subsides, sometimes taking three to six months, your true results will be more evident.

You are advised not to go clothes shopping for at least three months

After fat grafting, you can return to work, drive, or go to the movies after ten to fourteen days, but you must use a pillow when sitting so that there is no pressure on your buttocks. You can resume normal activities and exercise after eight weeks.

After implant surgery, you can return to work in two to three weeks, but you must use a pillow when sitting so that there is no pressure on your buttocks. At the third postoperative week, you are cleared for sitting and driving (using a pillow) and are encouraged to start stretching exercises. You can resume exercise eight to ten weeks after surgery. However, if there are wound complications, you may have to wait three to four months before you go back to the gym.

Best methods for butt lift

Butt lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure aimed at fixing sagging buttocks and making them look more impressive. According to cosmetic surgeons the prominence and humpy shape of the buttocks is very crucial in physical fitness and better looking posture.

Buttocks is one of the areas of the body that has a prominent effect on one’s appearance and attractiveness. Thus buttock enhancement surgery has been on the rise and Brazilian butt lift or gluteoplasty is one of these procedures. Butt lift, involves removing excess fatty tissue and sagging skin from the buttock area.

Some people solve the problem of excess tissue in their buttocks using liposuction or tummy tuck. Butt lift is designed to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from buttock area creating a desirable proportion between waist and hips. Fat transfer is also a suitable solution for improving the size, volume and shape of the buttocks.

Different methods of buttock enhancement:

Buttock enhancement is achieved through various methods including butt lift surgery, Brazilian butt lift and exercise.


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