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پزشکی - Postoperative medical consultation s

پزشکی - Postoperative medical consultation


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Postoperative medical consultation

تاریخ انتشار پست : 1398/10/19 بازدید : 6

Postoperative medical consultation

(read more…) .In FUE technique, every hair follicle unit is harvested separately and no skin strip is taken. In this hair transplant technique, hair follicles harvest randomly so hair density reduction in donor area is not significant. In FUE hair transplant method, the number of transplanted hair follicles is fewer compared to FUT, due to harvesting hair follicles one by one.FUE hair transplant technique is a less invasive non-surgical method with minimal scarring and short recovery period.

Both the FUT and FUE techniques require a local anesthesia.

Necessary tips to be done after a hair transplant procedure:

  • Go home or hotel and rest after your hair transplant procedure. Elevate your head 45 degrees to avoid swelling for three nights.
  • Use snow to your transplanted area every 2 hours for 15 minutes to avoid swelling.
  • On the first night, a bandage will be on your donor and transplant area. The next morning, open the bandage gently. Do not pull the band. Pulling the band may injure the transplanted hair follicles. If you open the bandage on the first night, your skin may be swelling.
  • On the first day of hair transplant, you could take a shower. Do not use shampoo or soap to wash your head and wash the planted area gently with water.
  • After the first day, wash your hair with your fingers gently. Try not to add pressure to the area where the follicles are planted. Do not use comb which may injure your sutures.
  • You may use shampoo on the second day of hair transplant.
  • Try to avoid hair dryers in the first two weeks after your hair transplant.
  • You may feel some itching and pain for a few days after hair transplant. These symptoms can be reduced by using ice or some medications (which will be prescribed by your doctor).


Additive advices and recommendations will be presented by your doctor.

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