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پزشکی - Treatment of heart disease s

پزشکی - Treatment of heart disease


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Treatment of heart disease

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Treatment of heart disease

Treatment  :Heart disease treatments vary by condition. For instance, if you have a heart infection, you’ll likely be given antibiotics. In general, treatment for heart disease usually includes:

  • Lifestyle changes. These include eating a low-fat and low-sodium diet, getting at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise on most days of the week, quitting smoking, and limiting alcohol intake.
  • Medications. If lifestyle changes alone aren’t enough, your doctor may prescribe medications to control your heart disease. The type of medication will depend on the type of heart disease.
  • Medical procedures or surgery. If medications aren’t enough, it’s possible your doctor will recommend specific procedures or surgery. The type of procedure will depend on the type of heart disease and the extent of the damage to your heart.

Common treatments:

Here are some common treatments for different types of cardiovascular disease:

Heart Valve Problems

  • Medications
  • Heart valve surgery


  • Medications
  • Pacemaker

Heart Attack

Medications — clot-busters (should be administered as soon as possible for certain types of heart attacks)

  • Coronary angioplasty
  • Coronary artery bypass graft surgery


  • Medications – clot-busters (must be administered within three hours from onset of stroke symptoms for certain types of strokes)
  • Carotid endarterectomy

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